Voice Lessons &
Audition Coaching Services

Whether you’re you just beginning to learn about vocal technique or a pro looking for further guidance, I can help you build your voice in a healthy way. I offer 30 minute, 45 minute, and 1 hour lessons to meet your unique needs.

Vocal Lessons

Learning to sing should be a joyful experience. We will focus on everything from becoming comfortable with your voice to advanced techniques like vocal dynamics and music theory. I can help you learn how to reach your full potential as a vocalist, gain awareness what’s holding you back, and give you the tools and techniques how to fix it.

I am passionate about teaching singers to use the healthiest technique when singing so you have the ability to sing for a lifetime. My teaching philosophy builds voices to last throughout the demands of a professional career.

Voice Lessons will focus on the following:


  • becoming comfortable with the voice
  • breathing
  • posture
  • stage presence
  • mental clarity
  • how to overcome nerves


  • vocal dynamics
  • subtext 
  • clarity and delivery of the message
  • emotional connection to the song
  • how to engage an audience
  • body language and delivery


  • healthy Belting and Mixing 
  • vowel placement
  • how to build a more full, powerful tone
  • how to sing with flow and ease
  • vocal anatomy
  • sight singing
  • articulation & diction

Healthy Singing 

  • vocal health and maintenance
  • music theory and ear training
  • vocal strengthening
  • vocal stamina
  • vocal exercises

Audition/Tour Prep

Have an audition coming up? Let’s prepare together! We’ll work on things like song selection, audition cuts and even tracks if needed.

I’ll help you avoid vocal fatigue through the right vocal warm-ups and teach you how to steady your voice despite your nerves so that you feel focused and confident.

Our session will help you nail that upcoming audition.