What my clients are saying…

Julie worked with me to improve some of my original songs before heading to the studio. She was invaluable as a vocal resource and really helped me improve my tone and range. Highly recommended!

Joshua P. 

I have been looking for a good vocal teacher for a long time who was reasonably priced and who I could really learn from and I am so happy that I found her. She is professional, easy going and really knows her stuff. I was in choir as a kid and I have been in several music projects but I have never been quite where I wanted to be vocally and I have learned more in the last few lessons then I thought was possible. I feel much more confident now about my voice then I ever have ūüėČ I cant say enough good things about her!

Michael H. 

Julie Foster is an extremely gifted voice teacher. She has the wonderful ability to make you feel completely relaxed and at ease during each class. Her sense of humor, encouragement and knowledge provide for a fun and productive class each and every time. I feel I have learned so much from her over the past 6 months and feel more confident in my singing ability than I ever have.
Highly recommend her!

Chelsey S. 

Julie has been an amazing teacher! I’ve been doing lessons with her for almost six months now. I came in with very little experience (I couldn’t even match pitch!) She’s taught me how to control my breathing, how to increase my range without straining my voice; most of all, she’s given me confidence in myself and my singing ability. I’m now singing various songs from some of my favorite artists, singing in my home and car and actually liking my sound production, and now I’m getting numerous complements from my friends and family! Julie is extremely knowledgable, patient, and encouraging and I would recommend her to anyone who is looking to learn how to master their voice and have fun while doing it!

Blake C.

I started taking lessons with Julie because I’m a professional musician who was looking to get feedback on my vocals.¬† I had been told time and again by other musicians that I was a decent singer but I needed vocal lessons to improve my technique.¬† So far, I’ve had about 5 lessons with Julie and she’s been able to teach me how to warm up properly, how to practice vocal dynamics, multiple breathing techniques, enunciation, and glissando.¬† She was also able to show me how I wasn’t singing in my high range correctly through proper diaphragm support. I had the range but either I would crack notes or I would tense up my throat. Learning diaphragm support was amazing!!¬† Once I was able to hit my high register correctly, it was as if I had gained a superpower!!¬† She has catered my lessons to what I want to learn and what I need to work on.¬† I still have more goals I want to attain and I look forward towards my future lessons.¬† Thanks, Julie!!

Louie J.

Julie is a great teacher. She is encouraging and genuinely¬†enthusiastic about her students. She has a great ear, and a gift for explaining and demonstrating technique. I was an actor who couldn’t sing. Now I can, thanks to Julie.

Matt F. 

Julie has a passion for music and vocal training and I’m so thankful to be taking lessons from her. I love to sing, but became discouraged a few¬†years ago and thought it was time to give it up. When I came to Julie she helped me evaluate my weaknesses and strengths and is teaching me to overcome my fears and insecurities. My breath control and vocal range are growing stronger each week and Julie’s encouragement and daily vocal exercises¬†are giving me the confidence to sing and perform in a way I didn’t think I could. Her studio has a warm, inviting atmosphere, and is equipped with the tools to help you reach your goals.

Naomi B. 

Like most kids, I sang in the grade school musicals (if you call that singing) ¬†but as an adult, the only place you’d find me singing is in the car or the shower.¬† I am an actor and I can’t tell you how often I get asked to sing in auditions- just when things are going well… I get asked- “do you sing?” and while I’m dying inside- ¬† to make light of the question, I bust out with some Ramones and watch them grin and bear it.¬† I decided that I needed to work with someone. After meeting with a totally stiff and scary voice teacher, ¬†Julie came to me via ¬†recommendation and she is the real deal. ¬†Immediately during our first appointment, she sensed how nervous I was- and put me at ease with her sense of humor. Her studio is very laid back and comfortable (and she has a pretty loveable dog too).
So far, we’ve been working together for two months and I’ve gained not only confidence but an understanding of how to sing. Julie’s approach is professional, clear, accessible and fun. I cannot recommend her enough!!!!!